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I take care of my first teeth

-When do first teeth come in?

First teeth are significantly important for the development of the oral health and general the health of an infant.

They emerge at the age of 6 to 12 months, while, by the age of three most children have already the first 20 teeth in their mouth.

-When should the first visit to the dentist be made?

The first visit to the dentist should be made when the first baby teeth appear.

-Why should this visit be made that early?

The dentist can provide nutritional guidelines and instructions on oral hygiene to parents, aiming at taking care of children’s mouth and preventing the occurrence of tooth decay.

-What are the instructions, in order for a child to have a first positive dental experience?

We shall neither tell our child scary stories about the dentist, nor should we mention anything that could scare him/her.

We shall not express any of our fears or anxiety about seeing the dentist.

Never should we present a visit to the dentist as a punishment or threat to the child.

We shall try to turn a child’s visit to the dentist into a pleasant outing and a reason for having fun.